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Join the Journey

Peer Pressure & Travel, Just What You Needed

Solo Travel gets a lot of press these days, it seems you really haven’t found yourself unless, you take a selfie alone on the top of a mountain in a foreign land.

We contend however, that travel is better in pairs. If for no other reason, than this most important one, Peer Pressure. Peer Pressure and Travel are a perfect pair and here are three reasons why:

1 You will do more with friends then you will ever do alone. Too tired is not an option when you are with someone else and therefore you maximize the whole experience! Ask Stephanie about walking in the rain from the Bean all the way back to the Four Seasons though the reward for the walk is worth it!

#WTBiP #JointheJourney

2 Peer Pressure in the right dose gives you the push you need to TRY. If not for my travel partner, I would never have stepped out on the Sky Deck This is not my first time at the top of the Willis Tower (chickened out last time) and I would never have stepped out if not for Stephanie’s encouragement. Truth be told, I walked out backwards so I couldn’t see and took the funniest selfie, because when I looked in the camera I saw the drop!

Oh Hell, Get Down From There!
Liquid Courage needed at 360 Chicago TILT

3 Travel in pairs has one more excellent benefit, you learn more. When you travel together you share more, learn more, talk more and laugh more. In the end you have an adventure, and a shared bond, one that cannot be duplicated or replaced. I, Lisa, learned a ton about broadcasting, while I think Stephanie has a whole new appreciation for trains. Thank you Amtrak and 106 wcod.

Moving in day, we love a sleeper car
Broadcasting live from the Lake Shore Limited!

At the end of the day, if solo travel is your thing, then we support you, because well we support just about every one. But if you have a chance to do something together, use that natural peer pressure to do more and to have more fun.

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